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Developing the head features, nostrils, eyes etc

Requires: Eyes, hair dryer, screwdriver

You only need to do this step if you have a doll that has open eyes. If you have a closed eye doll, then you are safe to move on.

Changing the dolls eyes can have a very dramatic effect on the babies face so you should take as much time as possible to get this part correct. If you don’t line the eyes up correctly, you may end up with uneven eyes, a cross-eyed baby or worse.

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How to make reborn dolls

If you want to make your own reborn doll, then please take a look at our guide; it is important to read the Introduction first.

Using our guide? Why not send us a picture while you are making your own?

Reborn Doll Pictures

dsc_0001 102_5622 101_0134

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