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Making a reborn doll can be a time consuming hobby, but it can also be very rewarding.

There are many, many different techniques and this guide is merely one that I, and many friends follow to make our own dolls. If nothing else, this guide will help you get started in the world of reborn doll creation.

One item I didn’t mention in this guide is a digital camera – you might want to take photo’s of your reborn once it is finished.

Getting the right effects (sometimes, the paint is off color in the photo’s depending on the light) can be an art in itself and would be an entirely separate guide altogether!

Reborning is still in its infancy; It has been around for several years already but the techniques involved are varied in each step.

A lot of artists have their own way of what they believe is the best and how they perform it.

This guide is intended to help you make a reborn doll.

No doubt, as you get better you will develop your own skills and techniques, however you will still have this as a reference any time you get stuck. This guide has been updated with the latest information on what I consider the best techniques to use.

Getting Started

Disassembling the doll

Preparing the doll

Painting the doll

Adding Hair

Developing the head

Finishing the head details

Assembling and weighting the doll

Finishing touches

This guide cannot be reproduced without prior consent of the author. If you would like to use this guide on your own site, please use the contact form provided to discuss this.

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Reborn Doll Pictures

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