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Where to buy reborn dolls

If you are looking to buy reborn dolls, then the good news is that they are more accessible today than they ever have been. This gives buyers a great oppurtunity to not only pickup a baby doll that is priced fairly but also gives plenty of choice on the style and look of the baby.

Here are the best 3 places where you can buy reborn dolls;

3 - Direct from a doll artist - Buying straight from an artist means that they can focus on your request from them and some people have very specific needs. However, you might find that the price is bumped up quite considerably. Shipping and Handling might be on top, and the expected time to wait can often be misleading. With that said, many top artists will keep in touch with you to let you know how your order is progressing.

2 - Local craft fayres - Unfortunately, reborn dolls do not feature at as many crafy fayres as they could. However, it is well worth looking at the line up if there is one being held near you. This will often let you chat face to face with the artist and more often than not you can find some top, top dolls for sale.

1 - eBay - Still the number one place to get them though is from ebay. There is a huge selection of dolls available and you can often find artists that will make them to your specification or from a photo. With the paypal guarantee your purchase is also fully covered - both ebay and paypal are free to sign up too. If you are looking for a reborn baby then go ahead, sign up and get shopping!

Of course, there are others too. The internet has given exposure to many artists around the world and it means that people in other countries can also buy from them. Here are some that are available on ebay right now, you'll soon see what I mean.


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Reborn Doll Pictures

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